December 29, 2008

Setting the Scene

Let's see. Considering my old blog is probably gone for good (I do have the archive, but prefer to start fresh), there is some catching up to do!

I don't use real names, so everyone gets a groovy nick-name from GoGo. Sometimes, however, it takes me awhile to come up with just the right name, so some people exist as descriptions until their names are ready.

I am married with kids--so please don't bother propositioning me. Additionally, I have put on nearly 30 pounds in the past year, so it really isn't worth the trouble at this point. 

Here's the deal: I write because I don't know what else to do. It is all that has ever helped--it has saved my life more than once--and I am too afraid to stop writing. I blog, I jot notes in a little black book, I send copious emails...I am a word-aholic.

Oh. I have also been sober since May 25, 1991.

I have a stalker and I have a new friend who I've known longer than any of my old friends, and this new friend has become my closest confidante in the shortest amount of time. It's a crazy, crazy world.

I will miss my old blog...but I'm glad to be able to start something new.

More to follow...


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