December 30, 2008

That Which Does Not Kill...

I have just finished cleaning up puke.

I have been cleaning up puke on and off for 16 years; it's part of the job. I'm a mommy--it sort of comes with the territory.

However, it is a different story when it is not my children's puke. Having brought my father to live with us last February also brought an entire change of life for which none of us were entirely prepared.

We got through this, though...and now I am just hoping that it is food poisoning and not a virus.

Please, dear God, let it be food poisoning. PLEASE!!

On a brighter note: I had my 1st fitting for the dress I will be wearing in next week's 2 night cabaret--and it is more gorgeous than I had ever imagined it could be! I feel so awesome in this gown...and I can't wait to wear it on stage.

Now I am going to go back to watching Ghost Hunters with LittleMan. We were rudely interrupted by an onslaught of puke a couple of hours ago, and now I need the paranormal to unwind.

Love and Belief.

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Drew's Bird said...

I hope the virus hasn't hit your house, I am just recovering from 10 days of one and I am praying I kept it to myself!

Good to see you here.

Happy New Year, Sweetie!